10 Digital Products That You Can Create For Your Customers To Buy

Digital products are the easiest way to create a new product in order to boost sales. You create it once and can sell it again and again. There is no waiting around for your customer to receive it as they can download it instantly after purchase.

There are a number of popular digital products you can sell online directly from your site, or from a third party such as Amazon. Here are 10 digital product ideas.

1. eBooks

EBooks are simple to produce and sell. You can sell eBooks directly from your WordPress website using a plugin like WooCommerce, or you can also leverage the marketing power of Amazon by uploading your eBook to their Kindle program. It will convert your word processing document into a digital file that can be read on any device with the help of their free apps.

2. PDFs of Useful Content

These days, you can sell a wide range of items as PDFs, including checklists, cheat sheets, “Fill in the blanks” planners, menu plans etc.If you think your audience wants this type of content, you could have the perfect market for your PDFs.

3. Photos and Graphics

If you’re good at producing images, sell your content on stock photo sites.

4. Videos

How-to videos are growing in popularity. At least 75% of all YouTube lookups are now connected to people wanting to learn a new skill.

5. Multimedia Course

These can include all of the above elements. The more forms of media you use, the higher the price you can charge. You may have to outsource some of this work to create an impressive package.

6. Membership Website

You can easily set up a membership website using software like WordPress and a membership site software plugin like S2 Membership. Manage your payments using a processor that can deal with continuing payments such as PayPal.

7. Webinars

Webinars are an excellent way to interact with your audience. A webinar is simply a live web-based video or audio seminar that links the host of the webinar to a target audience. Once recorded, you immediately have an informative product that you can sell.

8. Swipe files

These are words and phrases such as sales letters, emails and other business and marketing communications your audience can buy and then adapt to use for their own business.

9. WordPress Assets

WordPress is the most popular website building software online. It offers countless numbers of themes (which manage the appearance of a site) and plugins (small programs that add to the features to the site). If you are good at design or development, these could be great digital product to sell.

10. Data and Apps

Research specific niches, keywords and marketing trends and sell the results to busy business owners. IOS apps are more competitive, but there is more need for Android apps.

Natural Skin Care Product Active Ingredients And What They Do

The active ingredients you will find in commercial skincare products can also be found in many foods and ingredients you have at home. Here are what they do for your skin and how they are used in skincare products.


These are fruit acids naturally derived from fruit extracts. They slough off dead skin cells to reveal younger more youthful looking skin. As we age our skins renewal process slows down and these help to replace that process giving your skin a younger appearance.


Ingredients that contain vitamin A, C end E, green tea, copper, grapeseed, and kinetin help skin by neutralizing or scavenging free radicals which are molecules that destroy skin cells.


These work in a similar way as AHA’s but are less potent so therefore less irritating to skin. The most common and well known one is Salicylic acid which is used in acne treatments and dandruff shampoos.


Ingredients from a naturally derived source (usually plants) believed for centuries to have healing or regenerating powers for the skin. Examples are Aloe vera, ginkgo and ginseng.


This is a nutrient found in every cell of our body known to be a powerful wrinkle buster.


Most commonly used in aromatherapy to scent products but also as complimentary and healing or regenerating active ingredients in skin care products.


Found in moisturizers these ingredients help protect the skin by reinforcing the lower moisture barrier deep in the lower epidermis of the skin. Natural emollients include:

Apricot Kernel, Avocado, Borage Seed, Evening Primrose, Grape Seed, Hazel Nut, Hemp Seed, Kukui, Macadamia Nut, Mango Kernel Butter, Organic,, Rose Hip, Organic Sesame Seed, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Sunflower, Safflower, Sesame Seed, Shea Butter, Sunflower, Sweet Almond, Tea Tree, Wheat Germ Oils.


Ingredients that are low allergy producing ingredients in products.


Ingredients that soak up oil like cornstarch and witch hazel.


These are compounds that attract moisture from the air to the skin. Examples are hyaluronic acid, honey, glycerin, glucose & propylene glycol.


Delivery agents to help skin absorb ingredients deeper.


Products high in Vitamin A, for protection against free radicals and some (Retin A and Retinova) dramatically reduce skin damage from the suns rays.


Ingredients that don’t clog pores and encourage blackheads. The ingredients used in this book are all non-comedogenic.


Ingredients that combat bacteria and acne related problems. Essential oils like Rosemary, Neem, Tea Tree and others can be added to beauty products to fight bacterial problems.


Hydrosols are the “left over” by products of making essential oils. Hydrosols in themselves make great toners and have other properties that are very beneficial for skin.


Infusions are herbs or other parts of plants, fruits, skins and barks or teas. They make great toners with soothing, calming & many other properties that are very beneficial for skin. Often used in skincare or hair care recipes to compliment ingredient blends with invigorating, sweetening & other beneficial scents and aromas.

All of these ingredients can be found in every day foods and oils including nuts, seeds, oils, vegetables and fruits. When blended together in the right way you can make powerfully effective home made skin care products, masks, treatments and serums any day of the week in minutes.

Is There a Solution for Digital Products That Have Frustrating Glitches & Problems?

Technology is changing quickly all the time. For this reason, those companies who develop technological products become competitive and the computers, software programs and other digital gadgets they bring forth in a rushed manner are faulty at times. But there are remedies for all of this. What are they? Read on to find out.

The clients/customers have probably invested good money for their digital products. So when they have complaints about these product(s) they purchased, the company should either take care to rectify the problem free of charge or if the problem cannot be fixed, hand him over another brand new similar product from their store. Since the other product had glitches, the company should care to test out the new similar product from various angles and if everything seems okay, they should gladly hand it over to the client or customer and take back the problematic product from him.

What if all brand new digital gadgets of the same family of which the client wants one are faulty? In this case they should refund the client’s money fully if he has already bought one of them and promise him that a new rectified version of the digital product would be available in a month or so. To keep up with the competitive market, the company should be good on their word and actually call the client when the upgraded version is available.

What if the company is unable to keep their promise? They would soon be losing all clients/customers who would be willing to shift off to better places. In order to retain their clients/customers, they can offer them a free less costly digital gadget and let them know that they are still working on the rectified version and that they will let them know about it as soon as it is ready. This way clients/customers will be happy and willing to wait in most cases and the company is not likely to lose them.

Yes, with the fast pace of technology, the companies are in a competitive edge to market their products. So when they fall into the rat race, even if they hire teams and teams of people, they cannot guarantee that their finished digital products will be glitch-free.

In order to avoid the above problem, experts in the area should hire experienced and skilled people who can contribute to the greater good of the company – not just people who show promise but are unable to prove so eventually.

Therefore, good manpower and good raw materials form the backbone of good finished digital products without major problems. Without caring too much about competition, they should go at their own pace and make some progress everyday towards finishing their products. Only then the products will be high on quality and demand.

How to Take Depression and Anxiety Head on With Productive Activities

Depression is a mental state; a state where a person feels very low. This can happen to anyone at anytime, most probably when things are not moving in life as per ones desire. But this natural feeling in person should not stay for long as such a sad state of mind will have a very adverse effect on the way things move in ones life. Anxiety is a state where all negative feelings developed makes person have irrational fear of particular situation or object. Anxiety further develops depression as person is not able to come out of the developed insignificant fear. To avoid anxiety is the best way to help overcome depression. Here are few simple actions that will make you fight depression with vigor.

As laughing is the best medicine, you should be aware of the fact that just laughing has an amazing power of releasing the developed stress and hence overcoming depression; in no time you will feel better. Laughing alone is not always possible. The best way to feel enlightened is by interacting with the person that is close to you and one who understands you. Things will move in correct direction once you are in company of people who make you happy.

Good music to ears has a very soothing effect to lessen anxiety. You will clam yourself and will have better feeling. Getting involved into good music will divert your negative thoughts and that’s what is required in overcoming depression. At times dancing to the tunes will help you eliminate depression.

Doing some work to divert your mind will make you decrease anxiety. This will prevent you from going into depression. The work can be anything from cleaning to riding a bicycle to saying hello to the neighbors. All it is required is to get out the gloomy phase of your thoughts.

It’s said that when things are not moving your way, its better to pray for Almighty’s help. Prayers will make your mind stable and positive. To come out of depression requires bringing positive thoughts in mind.

Beat the depression before it creeps and stays with you. That can be done most effectively by few productive activities. In short depression can be taken head on not by staying in isolation without doing any activity but by changing mood with any thing that brings spark in your life.