My Digital Products Were Being Ripped Off!

Rarely, do I look through my website statistics.  But, one day, I just happened to stop and check them out on my web host. It was then that I noticed something strange.  There were keywords listed in the stats that should not have been there. So I plugged the keywords into Google (TM).  That was when it hit me like a Mac truck … someone had been ripping off my digital products.

The funny thing is … most of the clients I advise, who ask me about building websites, almost always begin by asking me about people stealing their digital products.  As if stealing digitally is that much easier than stealing real products?  Or maybe they just figure all digital products are easily stolen.

I always advise them NOT to worry about it.  In fact, I have always heard … and I totally agree with this belief: It’s better to have a product that people WANT to steal. In other words … you want to have people who want your products badly enough that they want to try and steal them.  That means that you have a kick butt product.  You have a product that is worth something to your market. And that … my friend … says A LOT about your product.

Plus, the fact is, most digital products are NOT easily steal-able.   Most online business owners I have met agree that digital theft is not really an issue to be that concerned about.  It is a problem to understand, but it should NOT keep you from developing, or offering, your materials.

So … even though I quickly changed the download page that was being pinched with the help of Google, I am still proud to say … that my digital products were being ripped off. I will hold my head high … at least for now.  Until I find out that no-one wants my stuff anymore.  And then I will rewrite it, so that someone … somewhere is trying to steal my digital products again.

And one other point I would like to mention …

If you have digital products that people love SO MUCH, that they are willing to steal them, you WILL be able to develop more profit streams from those items on the ‘back end’. So, whether it’s an initial purchase, or it’s back-end product sales … like video DVD’s, audio CD’s, hard-copy books, other paraphernalia, autobiographies, etc … you have got to see the bigger picture, and not just the immediate problem of digital theft.

I understand that you cannot simply ignore online theft all the time … but if your product is good enough, and you have back end offers inside your product as well, then you are going to end up with more sales anyhow.  Even if it is from viewers who steal from you in the first place.

Strategic Product Creation-How to Make Digital Products Easily

How to make digital downloadable products easily

There are two types of products that are available – physical and digital. Both these products are a source of abundant information. However, with the advancement in technology and wider accessibility of the Internet, more people today prefer digital products over physical products. Physical books involve shipping cost, storage and material production.

There are various digital downloadable products that are available

· eBook or digital products can easily be saved on the computer, can be delivered or downloaded via Internet, are trouble-free to ship. The profit margins are also higher in. For a good and relevant eBook, its content holds the prime importance.

· Digital photo albums can also created. This was a tiresome task earlier. There are photo album web hosting services that make this task easier. Moreover, they are available for free. One can upload his or her photographs on photo albums. The URL of the same photographs can be sent to friends without any hassles.

· Digital scrapbooks are another product that can be created and downloaded over the Internet. When the designer of the scrapbook has mentioned the sample of the kit in his or her folder, that folder can be named “folder.jpg” and when this is to be viewed in the Windows thumbnail.

Photo-album, Video downloads and magazines are some other products that can be created and downloaded easily with the technological advancement these days. All this together gives digital products an edge over the physical products and answers the reason for their popularity.

Make Money Selling Digital Products Online

Why Digital Products?

Selling digital products is becoming a huge internet business with infinite potential and available for absolutely anyone!

Benefits of Selling Digital Goods:

* Your product can sell 24/7 all around the world and the sales are fully automated!
* You only need to make the product ONE time.
* No need for inventory or shipping & handling.
* No worry about products getting lost or old or stolen.
* Customers receive their product instantly!
* No need for employees!
* Be your own boss and work from home or anywhere you choose.
* Low risk, low start up costs, and high sales potential.
* You can start RIGHT NOW!

How to get started:

1. First of all, you need a digital product to sell.
2. You need a program to sell your products.

* If you do not have a product yet…do not despair as there are so many things that can become digital products with a little creative action.

* If you really and truly cannot find anything that you YOU would like to create to sell..there is always the option of outsourcing..meaning that you know someone or hire someone who has a product that you think is great and can sell for them!

Unique and extensive’ list of digital product ideas for:

* Artists: patterns, knitting books, coloring books, YOUR art, beading patterns and templates, quilting patterns, homemade clothing patterns or how to videos for the budding artist!

* Dancers, Yoga Instructors, Fitness Instructors: Instructional videos and manuals with entire classes, injury prevention classes, or guided relaxation/meditation audio files.

* Computer folk: Software, games, website templates and SO much more!

* Lawyers: e-books and manuals for other professionals or people who need technical terms simplified!

* Nutritionists/Holistic Health Care Workers: digital health guides, nutrition menu plans, instructional healing videos!

* School Teachers: ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF TEACHING that you can put into video or manual format…think: lesson plans, class formats, teaching techniques or full online lessons or manuals on YOUR subject of expertise!

* Trade Professionals:Builders, Electricians, Landscapers, Plumbers etc: manuals for other tradesfolk, how to videos for those who know NOTHING about your trade, blueprints for buildings, e-books about what you learned in your trade.

* Writers: e-books on absolutely ANYTHING that you want to write about. No need to find a publisher or pay for printing costs. Write your book and start selling!

* Photographers and Film-makers: your photographs, movies, short-films, animation series, instructions for the ‘budding film-maker’

* Students: tutorials, videos, manuals on classes or how to study.

* Chefs, Cooks, Bakers: e-recipe books, instructional videos, your own cooking series!!

* Mom’s & Dad’s: manuals or videos on anything from ‘how to get your kids to eat vegetables’, to ‘where to buy organic, chemical-free toys’, to ‘how-to-be a 20th century parent’

* Musicians: your song, album etc. No need to wait for a record company or even to make a cd!

* Gardeners: how to videos and books on ‘planting bulbs’, ‘pruning tomatoes’, or ‘creating a rooftop organic garden’.

* Traveler’s: documentaries, videos and books on anything from how-to-survive traveling in a foreign country with nothing but your backpack to how-to-book a hotel room in a country that you don’t speak the language.

The point is that the opportunities are limitless and full of the potential to create something of your own that not only interests you, but also makes you money.

So get think about what you LOVE and start brainstorming!

Digital Product Creation: What to Include on Your Download Page

Most digital products need a download page of some sort. Whilst you can send things like PDFs as attachments to the thank you email. that doesn’t look too professional and runs the risk of the email getting filtered into the spam or junk folder which increases your support time and costs. Most of the time it’s best to send customers to a download page.

If you’re using WordPress then there are plugins that can help you to keep the page away from prying eyes or you can password protect it if you prefer. Although in my view that doesn’t much reduce any illicit sharing, the kind of people who do that just post the password along with the download link and you just bug your paying customers.

I think you should start your page with a simple “thank you for your purchase” message – it’s just polite!

Obviously you need to include the actual product on the download page.

Depending on what the digital product is, this could be a zip file that the customer downloads to their computer or links to pages on your site. It could also be a link to a PDF or video.

I prefer to set these links to open in a new window. It’s easy to do that in WordPress or even regular HTML and it means that people aren’t forever clicking the back button to get to the rest of the product they’ve just bought.

If the links open in a new window, I’ll explain that so that people aren’t confused.

Zip file downloads are very common now and I tend to just mention that Windows and Macs will almost always handle them automatically and that the only thing that’s important is to remember where the files are extracted to as that’s not always intuitive (or certainly isn’t in Windows!)

If your content is delivered online, you may need to consider using some kind of system to keep it all logical. The precise method you use will be dictated by the complexity or otherwise of your product but even for large projects my preference is a simple list with links to the relevant parts.

If you’ve got an upsell for your product it’s worth mentioning this again quite prominently on the download page.

A lot of people instinctively scroll to the bottom of each upsell page and click the “no thanks” link without pausing to find out what it is they are declining.

Your download page is your opportunity to sell the upsell again. In my experience, this can help sales of the upsell nicely.

The other thing that’s well worth including on your download page is a section of related offers.

Some people use a bulleted list of 2 or 3 products that work well with what the original purchase covers. Others include a bucket list of all their other products.

I’ve used both options on my download pages and both work so it’s worth experimenting.

If you haven’t got any other products of your own, you can still do this by offering carefully selected affiliate products.

And – since you’re selling to people who’ve trusted you enough to buy your digital product – they really do have to be carefully selected. At a minimum you should have seen the actual product and ideally you should have used it or the methods it teaches yourself. Your reputation could easily be damaged if you recommend trash and that’s not worth doing for the sake of a quick buck.